All geo-fencing thermostats are not created equal!

EverSense’s Proximity Control Technology is a form of what has become known as “geo-fencing.” We prefer to call it location sensing but, no matter what it’s called, it works by sensing your location via your smart phone’s GPS and adjusts the temperature in your home accordingly.


  • Multiple variable proximity zones
  • Independently adjustable proximity zones
  • Independently adjustable temperature preference


  • Single variable proximity zone
  • Same zones for all users
  • Same temperature settings for all users

Fundamentally, there are three major differences between the way EverSense works compared to other “geo-fencing” thermostats.

The first difference is the number of zones. EverSense uses multiple variable proximity zones while others use a single variable proximity zone. Each time you cross into a zone, EverSense adjusts the temperature. The closer you get to home, the more EverSense adjusts. This can save you a lot more money compared to single zone thermostats that adjust just once. It also works better for getting your home to a comfortable temperature upon your arrival. And, with EverSense, the concentric zones are variable which means you can expand or contract them as appropriate.

Second, most other geo-fencing thermostats require the same proximity zone for all users. This one-zone-fits-all approach limits the ability of the thermostat by forcing it to react based on the zone of the family member closest to home. And, those thermostats that allow adjustable single zones don’t have the incremental temperature adjustment that allows EverSense to save money and ensure comfort.

Third, no other geo-fencing thermostat lets every family member get their personal temperature preference.

Here’s why multiple zones are important.

With a single zone thermostat, once you cross into the zone, it simply adjusts the temperature to your home setting. Let’s say traffic is terrible and you don’t get home for an hour or two. You’ve just paid for heating or cooling you really didn’t need.

With a single variable zone thermostat, you get one zone. Cross the line and it will adjust to a final temperature.

Multiple adjustable zones allow EverSense to intelligently adjust temperature as you move from zone to zone.

Let’s say you stop to work out. Assuming you’ve crossed into another zone, EverSense adjusts to a pre-selected intermediate temperature.Then you stop at the grocery store. Again, assuming you’ve crossed into the next zone, EverSense adjusts again.

When you finally head home, EverSense adjusts to your final temperature so your home is comfortable when you arrive.

Unlike a single variable zone thermostat, this incremental temperature adjustment afforded by multiple zones is far smarter and will maximize your savings without compromising your comfort!

EverSense gives you independently adjustable proximity zones for everyone in the family

Everyone’s schedule is different.

Dad may work 30 miles away while Mom could work ten miles away and son or daughter goes to school two miles away. With EverSense, they all can set their own variable zones to correspond with their typical locations as well as their daily routines. As they move from zone to zone, EverSense adjusts temperatures accordingly.

EverSense allows each user to set their preferred temperatures so whoever arrives home arrives to their preferred comfort.

Not only do other geo-fencing thermostats give you just a single zone but, in most cases, that zone has to be the same for every member of the family.

This means it really has to be set for the family member who is closest to home. And that means, if anyone else heads home first, not only does the thermostat begin adjusting much later, but it also won’t be able to get the temperature in your home to your comfort level by the time you arrive.

EverSense gives you independently adjustable temperature for everyone in the family

Only EverSense adjust temperature to individual preferences

You decide to head home for the day. With EverSense, when you arrive home, the temperature in the home will be adjusted to your personal preference. Not an average. Not what it was that morning. But exactly what your prefer. No other smart thermostat does this! You don’t need to adjust it manually. EverSense knows it’s you and automatically adjusts the temperature to suit you. The way we see it, you are buying a smart thermostat, shouldn’t it be smart about who is home and what temperature they prefer?

Of course, once everyone arrives home, you’ll all have to agree on a common temperature, but not before that.

Other geo-fencing thermostats do not adjust to individual temperature

It’s simple. No other geo-fencing thermostat will automatically adjust to the temperature preferred by the individual who is home at the time. Only EverSense can do this!