EverSense can do that too?!

EverSense is more than an attractive and well-designed smart thermostat that does a better job of maximizing energy savings without compromising comfort. EverSense also has several helpful and entertaining features that you’ll be sure to appreciate.

icon-weatherWeather and Radar EverSense can instantly provide you today’s weather forecast or show you the current weather radar. You can set it to send audible alerts in the event of sever weather.

icon-musicWireless Streaming Music EverSense also can wirelessly stream high-quality digital music from a compatible iPhone® or Android® device. No wires. No docking. No fuss.

icon-energyEnergy Savings Tips EverSense can give you tips that will result in even more energy savings. Just look for the on-screen glowing leaf.

icon-pictureDigital Picture Frame You can even watch slideshows from Flickr® on EverSense, turning the screen into a digital picture frame.