The EverSense® Location-Sensing Thermostat features patented Multi-Zone Proximity Control Technology to maximize energy savings without compromising comfort.

Using geo-location on family members’ smart phones, paired with the free mobile app, EverSense automatically adjusts the temperature in your home based on a person’s location relative to multiple concentric proximity zones. As the last person leaves the house, it adjusts to their “away” setting. As the first person heads home, it adjusts each time they cross zones according to their settings.

Unlike inflexible single-zone geo-fencing thermostats, which regulate a common temperature for all, multi-zone EverSense features independently adjustable zones and temps for each family member to maximize savings and ensure comfort. Users simply enter their travel distance and temperature preferences and EverSense automatically does the rest. No programming. No learning. No motion sensors.

EverSense adjusts incrementally, thereby maximizing energy savings while ensuring your house is at a comfortable temperature when you arrive home. No other thermostat technology does this better!

Proximity Control Technology
Senses your location via your smart phone’s geo-location technology and automatically adjusts the temperature in you home accordingly.

Multi-Zone Proximity
Multiple adjustable zones allow EverSense to intelligently adjust temperature as you move from zone to zone.

Independently Adjustable Zones
EverSense proximity zones are not only adjustable for travel distance, but they are independently adjustable for each family member. This is crucial to maximize energy savings and ensure comfort.