Installation & Support

HVAC Compatibility

24VAC Common Wire (c) Required

  • Forced Air, Heat Pump, Gas, Electric
  • One- or Two-Stage Conventional Heat
  • One- or Two-Stage Conventional Cooling
  • One- or Two-Stage Heat Pump
  • One- or Two-Stage Auxiliary Heat

Supported Wires

RH*, RC*, C**, W1, Y1, Y2, G, O/B, Aux/W2

EverSense® requires the use of a “common” wire to provide power. This wire is usually connected to the “C” terminal of your current thermostat. Not sure if you have it? Give us a call or contact a local service provider for assistance.

Why does EverSense® require a common wire?
Instead of using a battery that constantly charges from your HVAC system and frequently needs replacement, EverSense® uses power only when needed. Batteries cause increased consumer electronic waste and take time and money to replace.

* If RH and RC wires are present, please remove jumper from doc station.

** A 24 VAC common wire (C) is needed to power EverSense®. If not available with your system, please contact a service provider for assistance.


Installing EverSense® is easy. You will need just a few items before you get started: Your Wifi network name and password, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a pen or pencil.

Download: Installation Guide



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